Join the Elk Grove Eagles! 
Football & Cheer
Kindergarten-8th grade

Register at the Elk Grove Pavilion

Registration and Fitting
May 16, 2019

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Youth Football and Cheer Registration


We want everyone to be prepared for registration, as the process will be a bit different this year. The Elk Grove Park District has a new software system for registration and everybody has to setup a new account with us. Some of you may have already done this if you’ve registered for something recently. If so, disregard this. This must be done in person with Customer Service at one of our facilities. You will not be able to complete registration if the necessary documents are not present at that time.

Each new account in this system will have to show the following:
Proof of Residency (Residents and Non-Residents)
Adults 18+ (choose one): Current resident utility bill, property tax bill, current drivers’ license or government issued ID, or Passport.
Dependent Children under age 26 (choose one): Birth certificate, health insurance card listing the minors, or Passport.