Cheerleading Info

 2019 Elk Grove Youth Football Cheerleading


We believe that the Elk Grove Youth Football Cheerleading program offers our athletes the ability to reach their highest level of skill by providing them with proper training, coaching, motivation, and discipline.  Through the participation and instruction in our cheerleading program, we will promote the ideas of good sportsmanship, personal integrity, perseverance and healthy lifestyle.  By providing these opportunities, we expect to achieve excellence on the sidelines as well as the competitive mat.



Regular Cheer Season runs August – November

Flag cheer is Kindergarten -1st
Junior Competition and Sideline Cheer is 2nd and 3rd grade
Competition and Sideline Cheer is 4th- 8th grade.

Please acknowledge the fact that all of our organization members are strictly volunteers, donating their time to enrich the lives of your children.

Our Organization Members Include but are not limited to:

Board Members
Cheerleading Coaches
Team Managers


  • To promote the program and uphold spirit.
  • To demonstrate leadership, effort, and success.
  • To encourage good sportsmanship.
  • To provide our cheerleaders the opportunity to experience self-discipline, sacrifice, and dedication as a means of achieving goals.
  • To exhibit great pride and unity in our program by demonstrating a competitive spirit with the proper attitude.


  • Leadership
  • Physical fitness, coordination, healthy lifestyle
  • Respect, courtesy, tolerance, self-control
  • Sportsmanship
  • Sports appreciation
  • Responsibility and patience
  • Communication skills
  • Self-confidence and personal expression
  • Character and moral development


  • Cheerleaders must attend practices and games.
  • Cheerleaders must show cooperation with other cheerleaders and coaches.
  • Cheerleaders must know the cheers, chants, dances and routines for all games and performances.
  • Cheerleaders should take responsibility of providing positive leadership both on and off of the field.
  • Cheerleaders should always show respect and be courteous to coaches, players, officials, visitors, team managers, and cheer board members.
  • Cheerleaders should be aware of their appearance at all times, wearing proper cheerleading attire.
  • Cheerleaders must always follow the safety rules.
  • Cheerleaders should always remember that their primary responsibility is to support the athletic program.
  • Cheerleaders should NEVER WEAR JEWELRY OR CHEW GUM while participating in any type of cheerleading activity.

Everything begins with a dream, grows with hope and succeeds with hard but rewarding work.

Are you are up to the challenge?

Any Questions or Concerns?

Kari Thomas Cheer Director
Janis Coveliers Cheer Coordinator