Cheerleading Expectations

Athlete/Parent Expectations

Expectations for Parents/Spectators

  • Please support the value of this sport by offering encouragement and support to athletes, officials, and coaches.
  • Be an active spectator and support our activities by modeling good sportsmanship.
  • Please understand that commitment to a team means being at practices and games. Children not coming to practice will sit out for a portion of the upcoming game. If there is a problem with getting to practice or games please contact the coach and Team Manager ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.

*Always treat Coaches and Team Managers with respect. (Remember: Everyone involved with this program is a volunteer and does not receive any form of payment for their time.)

*Be a communicator and feel free to have a positive relationship with the Coaches and Team Managers.

*Stay in Control!  If your child or yourself is having an issue with another member of the program please address it as soon as possible.

*Treat everyone with respect.

Expectations for Athletes

As an athlete you have a great opportunity to represent your town in a positive way.

  • Take advantage of this opportunity and be a leader.
  • Show respect to all other athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators.
  • Be a team player and help promote sportsmanship by your example.
  • Abide by all athletic policies.

Our seasons are so short so do what you can to be there at all times. We understand that there will be times you might miss because of family reasons. If you are involved in any other outside activities it is important that you communicate your commitment to your coach before your season starts so the coach knows.

Cheerleaders must wear full, clean uniforms to all games.


Behavior expectations

  • Cheerleaders will give their best effort at all times and accept assignments and decisions cheerfully.
  • Cheerleaders are expected to wear their hair off of their faces at all times
  • Cheerleaders are REQUIRED to practice in a cheer gym shoes NOT flip-flops
  • Cheerleaders will not swear or use abusive language at any time during practices or games.
  • Cheerleaders will not belittle or laugh at others because of experience, inability, or mistakes.
  • Cheerleaders will not show off, brag, or become obnoxious.
  • Cheerleaders /Coaches will use self-discipline and understand other’s feelings and attitudes.
  • Cheerleaders will work together as a team to actively promote sportsmanship.
  • Cheerleaders will not argue with one another or dispute decisions.

Remember treat others how you would want to be treated!!! And all will be well.

If there is a behavior problem:

  • Your coach will bring it to the attention of the Team Manager who will try to work things out. Team Manager’s can then take the issue to Cheer Director or an assistant.
  • First occurrence – You will be asked to sit out for 30 minutes from practice.
  • Second occurrence – You will be asked to leave practice for the day; this is an unexcused absence, also causing you to sit out 1 quarter of the following game.
  • Third occurrence – You will not be able to participate in tailgate and/or Showcase.
  • If behavior problems continue, you may be dismissed from the squad.

Attendance is mandatory = for Practices and Games

  • If you are not able to attend a practice, you need to call a Team Manager before practice starts – this is an excused absence.
  • If you have more than one commitment for the fall season and are expecting to miss too many practices and games – please re-think your commitment.
  • For each practice that is unexcused, you will sit out 1 quarter of the following game.
  • After three unexcused absences – you will be asked to leave the team and NO refunds will be issued.

BE ON TIME for both practices and games

  • You must provide your own transportation to and from games and practices; you are responsible for any car-pool arrangements.
  • You must be at games at least 30 min. prior to start of game.
  • It is very important that you be at practices on time as well (6:00 pm sharp).
  • It is important that you be picked up on time as well – Team Managers will not leave until all girls


Your coach requires your total attention – time is too valuable to waste.

No eating or chewing gum during the game (including half-time) or practices.

Stay in your lines during games; no wandering off to talk with friends, etc. If you need to leave for any reason, speak with your coach and team manager.

Only Cheerleaders, Coaches, Team Managers and the Cheer Board Members should be on the field during practices.  All other family members and spectators should remain in the bleachers.  (This is strictly for safety purposes)

Remember, when you are wearing your Elk Grove Cheerleading uniform you represent more than just yourself, you represent the whole league. 

Any Questions or Concerns?

Kari Thomas Cheer Director
Janis Coveliers Cheer Coordinator